Thursday, February 12, 2009

My very first Wedding Cake!

So about a year ago, I took a cake decorating class, and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I figured hey, this could be a way to make some money if I decided to stay home and raise a family, but OH the work that goes into making a cake.

Never-the-less I have endeavored to make beautiful cakes whenever I can. And because of that, I had a really good friend ask me to make her wedding cake.

At first I was nervous and scared, and then I became excited thinking of the new challenge. She wanted a 3 tiered chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting in a messy, but swirled design.

To be honest, I never knew how much pressure one goes through when making this lifetime event cake. I mean, what if it looked terrible, or I burnt it! How awful I would feel. I know the disappointment in not having my dream wedding cake. I asked for dots as my boarder, and I got shells (but at least the cake tasted good). :(

Overall, I really enjoyed making it, and I got several compliments on how moist it was, and how the buttercream was not that sweet.

Hope you enjoy the picture!

Note: This picture was taken as I was decorating it, and I was not finished yet, so there are still some bald spots where I added petals later.

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