Monday, September 6, 2010

Playing the waiting game..."patiently"

Well, it's been an uneventful weekend for labor, but have been glad that at least I was having some contractions. Here's how my weekend went:

Saturday, September 4th:
I had contractions for about 4 hours that were pretty consistent..but they stopped shortly after the 4 hour mark. So Joel and I went to my Dad's for an early Labor Day BBQ. While there I had more contractions, didn't time them, but they weren't that bad, so I wasn't too worried. Had a late dinner with friends, still more contractions, but nothing too painful, so I went to sleep. :(

Sunday, September 5th:
Went to church in the morning and evening. During the evening service I had contractions, but again, noting too painful. The difference with these though was that it felt like someone was pushing down on my belly. It was weird, but I got through it, and went to sleep later that evening.

Monday, September 6th:
Labor Day, hopefully it will be a true labor day for Woke up this morning around 2:30 and started having regular contractions again. These ones are a bit more painful, but like I said, nothing too painful yet. They are about 7-8 minutes apart still...I'll see if they keep up till about 7 and then wake up Joel. If they are still regular, maybe we'll head over to the hospital to check our progress.

I just don't want to be one of those ladies who show up at the hospital and get checked and then sent home. That is so embarrassing just thinking about it.

Today just might be the day...hopefully.

Keep checking to see if there is any progress with the baby!

Until next post,

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