Thursday, February 12, 2009

My very first Wedding Cake!

So about a year ago, I took a cake decorating class, and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I figured hey, this could be a way to make some money if I decided to stay home and raise a family, but OH the work that goes into making a cake.

Never-the-less I have endeavored to make beautiful cakes whenever I can. And because of that, I had a really good friend ask me to make her wedding cake.

At first I was nervous and scared, and then I became excited thinking of the new challenge. She wanted a 3 tiered chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting in a messy, but swirled design.

To be honest, I never knew how much pressure one goes through when making this lifetime event cake. I mean, what if it looked terrible, or I burnt it! How awful I would feel. I know the disappointment in not having my dream wedding cake. I asked for dots as my boarder, and I got shells (but at least the cake tasted good). :(

Overall, I really enjoyed making it, and I got several compliments on how moist it was, and how the buttercream was not that sweet.

Hope you enjoy the picture!

Note: This picture was taken as I was decorating it, and I was not finished yet, so there are still some bald spots where I added petals later.


Jennifer Connell said...

Wow, good job! I used to work at a place and we did cake decorating..I never did anything that big though. I wanted to take some cake decorating classes to help me get better because I really like that sort of thing. Where did you take your class at?

Joel and Angela said...

At a local community college, but Michael's offers them too. I hear that they are really good classes too.

If you really like it, you should definitely take the classes. People always celebrate big events and birthdays with cakes! So go for it!

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