Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sadie, our Chihuahua mix, our little lady

Sadie sleeping the day after we got her. She is barely larger than my hand. Tiny huh?

Sadie at about 2 months old.

So we finally decided to get a dog back in January. I was so worried that she would be ugly, and I kept telling Joel "Let's get a dog already grown up.", that way I knew how she would look all grown up. So when Joel brought her to my office in a box, the whole time he was on his way I was worried she wouldn't be cute, but she was the most tiny and adorable dog I had ever seen. (Of course, everyone says that about their first baby...lol).

We were so unprepared for her arrival. We had nothing at all. Not a bed, or food, or even a blanket. What were we to do?

I know, let's go to Target! But as soon as we walked in, the guard told us we would have to take the dog out. She was barely 4 weeks old. How could we leave her in the car?

So off to the Pet store we went, where animals were permitted entry. There we bought the necessities, and even a milk replacement for puppies.

One of the main reasons we were not prepared was, one, because she was so young, and we thought we had a couple more weeks before receiving her, and two, the lady we received the dog from couldn't handle her allergies, that were caused by her daughter's dogs anymore, and they needed to find homes quickly for the pups.

She became our pride and joy, and for the first two weeks we brought her to church, work, and wherever we went. Since she was introduced to people at such a young age, it's no wonder she loves people.

We've not met a more friendly chihuahua than Sadie. If a visitor walks up to our door, her tail and backside wag so much, she looks as if it's going to fall off. She is defiantly a good dog (when she's not trying to chew on my fingers, or ankles, and scratch Joel) and loves to be petted by all her friends (that is to say, anyone she meets becomes her friend).


Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

I'm not a dog person, but Sadie is cute!

Anonymous said...

It's time to get a real baby...be fruitful and multiply


Joel & Angela said...

September we'll re-visit that issue Jesse....lol

Jennifer said...

Awww she is so cute!!

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