Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prayer Request

Tuesday, July 22, 2008~
So while we were on vacation, Sis. Rushing had yet another hospital trip due to high potassium levels. They got that under control and she came home last Wednesday. Sunday night Sis. Rushing came to church and gave such a moving testimony of about how God knows the reasons that we go through things, and it was very moving (I can say that there was probably not a dry eye in the room). She did go home during service because she was not feeling good again, but God has His hand in all of this like Sis. Rushing said. As I receive updates, I will post them.
JULY 8, 2008 Morning Update~
Sis. Rushing had the heart cath done yesterderday that included another two stints (for a total of 6 stints in the last two weeks). She did not have another heart attack, but when doing to heart cath procedure they found another artery 80% blocked and inserted a stint. She seemed to be doing good before our Pastor left the hospital for the evening, but when he came back to the Hospital in the morning, they said that last night she lost a lot of blood, and would be in need of a blood transfusion today. She will not be going home today, possibly tomorrow.

JULY 7th Morning update~
She was admitted to Fremont Kaiser where they determined that she would need to undergo another Heart Cath to prevent another Heart attack from happening. She will be moving to Santa Clare Kaiser sometime today, and hopefully have the procedure sometime this afternoon.
July 7th Afternoon update:
The procedure went well and she is resting.

Hi all,

Most might have not heard that Sis. Rushing had a heart attack about two weeks ago. I will say one thing about Sis. Rushing, she may have poor health, but she is a SOLDIER!!!

June 24th~
She went into the hospital Tuesday morning with pains in her chest that she said were similar to her heart attack she had 8 years ago. Her EKG's were abnormal, all different results, and showed signs of a heart attack. The doctor's gave her a blood transfusion and said she may be facing open heart surgery, but were going to try and do a heart cath, and see if they could fix the problem with that.

June 26th~
They did a heart cath on her and inserted 4 stints and the following day she went home. The procedure took a little over 3 hours, but seemed to be doing well. While the surgery took place, they found an artery that was 100% blocked, but they were able to open it up with a stint, and she was not going to need open heart surgery.

This last week she has been home resting with some discomfort, but tonight (Sunday, June 6th) she went back to the hospital with chest pains again and may have just been low on her blood level again, but I am asking if you could keep her in prayer.

She is my inspiration, and someone I look up to. We don't always get to have a personal relationship with our Pastor's wife, but she is like the mom that I didn't have, and when it was hard to keep going, she was there!!!

She is what a true Christian is, and should be! I know God can do a miracle in her life, because He has done so, many times before.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. I know the Rushing family will appreciate you lifting them up in prayer. I'll post updates as I hear them.

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