Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacationing in Colorado

So today Joel and I leave for Colorado. Once we come back, I'll hopefully have some pictures to post. We are going for a wedding. Naomi Miranda as a matter of fact. But I'll talk more later about it.


MaRi ELiZaBeThE said...

hello.. my name is mari lugo.. i was looking at peoples blogs and just so happened to run into yours.. i had to comment cuz i was sooo shocked!! haha ive known naomi for a long time now and lost her contact info a couple years back. i had been thinking of her lately then i came to your blog and saw she is married!! i bout had a heart attack! haha

Joel and Angela said...

Hi Mari,

I think I know you from family camp. I was a counselor the first year, and last year I did arts and probably know some of our young people too. I go to Bro. Rushing's church. You know the rowdy boys that are sooooo loud they get everyones attention? Yeah, that's my Your mom does the snack bar at Family camp?

Small world. Yes, she is married. My husband used to attend their church when they were in San Jose area.

Hope all is well with you! Take care, and anytime you want to stop by and read my blog, please do so!

I love to have visitors comment. I'm sorry I never saw your comment though. I did not have it set up to email me when I get them at the time.

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