Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The first week

It's amazing how quickly 7 days can go by. I can hardly believe that he is already a week old. Here is how his first week went:

We had almost 30 visitors at the hospital stop by. It was a long and tiring day, but Josiah and I got through it. He took to breastfeeding like a champ and had no trouble with latching. He was very alert and wanted to pay attention to everyone. Joel and I changed our first diapers without puking. Let's just say, love has a way of plugging the nose...(no really it didn't stink). One of the most memorable things was when Joel turned to me (when we were alone) and said "I'm in love" and "We should have had kids a long time ago". The transformation in Joel is amazing to watch. Josiah was having trouble with his blood pressure, and so they kept an eye on it. He had to go several times to the nursery to be monitored.

Our wonderful friend Siena made us breakfast. It was so good, especially when you compare it to the hospital food (though there really is no comparison). I made the mistake of drinking a Pepsi. Boy did I get a surprise. Later that evening/early morning, Josiah was up and I couldn't get him to stop crying. I tried feeding him, changing him, and I knew he wasn't tired, because he had just taken a nap. I tried everything!!! I was at my wits end, and close to tears, and so I called the nurses station, and told them my baby was crying, and I needed help. THANK THE LORD FOR NURSE REGINA!!!!! She was a life saver. She came in, and immediately said "Oh he's just gassy!" and she proceeded to massage his stomach. Josiah immediately fell silent. Apparently that Pepsi is what did it. I was so grateful for Regina. Josiah also failed his hearing test in one ear, and so they needed to re-test him in the morning. So we were not going to be able to go home until Thursday.

We went home and was sort of rushed out. Apparently all the ladies decided to come in and have their babies at the same time. They were so packed that some of the ladies were laboring in the hall waiting for a room to be cleared. How sad! So needless to say we did not get a good going home picture. However I was glad to be back home. Sadie met Josiah for the first time, and she was not that happy. Curious yes, but not happy. I knocked out that night, I was sooooo tired. I think I went to bed around 6ish. Joel was a wonderful husband and took care of the baby as much as he could. My milk came in, and boy was that a blessing. He started feeling satisfied with his feeding. Josiah left the hospital weighing 6lb 2oz. for a loss of 8 oz. He also passed the hearing test.

I decided to venture out with a newborn. FAIL! I didn't realize how quickly a two hour window could be used up. I opted out of the Vitamin K shot in the hospital, and so I decided that I would just add it to my diet. My own personal reasons why I opted out. Well we were going out to get Vitamin K from the store, and decided to eat before....in the middle of us eating, Josiah was hungry too. So we had to cut out lunch early, and I had to feed him in the car. It was not a fun experience, and next time we go out, I will be better prepared.

My mother and father-in-law brought us dinner. We also had Serena and the Lualhati's stop by at the same time. We had a mini-party as they all googled over Josiah. We gave Josiah his first sponge bath at home. He did not enjoy it. Also, a side note...I was able to fit my regular clothes again. It only took 4 days for my belly to go down. That's amazing!

We went to church both morning and evening and Josiah slept through both services. It would be an understatement to say the people were happy to see Josiah....they were ecstatic.

We had his first Dr. appointment. He grew an inch (he is now 20 1/2" long) and went back up to his birth weight. I can't believe it only took 4 days for him to put on 8 oz. It was so funny, he needed to get naked to be weighed, and so when we took the diaper off, Joel said "I think he's gonna pee"...and sure enough, right all over the table he pee'd-not once, but twice. We also went by the Rushing's house to see Sis. Rushing. She broke her arm and had not been to church to see the baby, so we dropped by. We also went by Babies"R"Us and I found a killer deal on a BebePod seat. It's normally $59.99, and I got it for $22.98. Crazy Steal!!!

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