Thursday, September 2, 2010

We are officially due!

So today is our Due date. We are officially 40 weeks today, but no baby yet. I had a doctors appointment this afternoon. Another ultrasound to check the fluid, she said it was fine, and should be okay until next week. Fundus was measuring the same as last week at 36 1\2cm. His heartbeat was in the 150's again. She also checked me for dilation. I am at 1cm, and she also mentioned that the cervix is still thick, but she did not say the effacement. Not much going on there I guess. Then again you never know...

However, I made another doctor's appointment for next Tuesday. She will check again for dilation and also give me a NST test (see link for more info), and if the baby does not come on his own, she suggested that next Thursday we come in for inducement and hopefully by next Friday, we will have a baby in our arms.

I have been a little crampy today after my appointment...but nothing painful. I am hoping that he comes on his own. I do not want to have to be induced.

So check back often to see what's going on with the baby.

Until next post,

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Jennifer Connell said...

I hope the baby comes soon of his own accord. :) By the way I love the little baby floaty you have on your side bar. He's just hanging out there. lol It's cute! I'll be checking back soon!

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