Friday, July 22, 2011

Josiah's first haircut

On July 11th, we had Josiah's first haircut appointment. I was nervous and excited at the same time. He was a champ and didn't cry at all.......but I can't say the same for myself. I cried because well, my little man was growing up. I didn't cry right away, actually it was on the way home that I got to thinking about it. How 10 almost 11 months ago he was still nestled in my belly, and how birthing him brought such joy to our hearts, and a new love for our first born child. So yes, I got emotionaly and cried. That's what Mom's do best...but enough talk about tears. Here are a few pictures of his first haircut. 

~Josiah playing before he got his hair cut~

~"HEY MOM! Can we get a train too?"~

~ "Share?" OOOOkkkaaay!"~

~Sitting in the tractor chair waiting for the cut.~

~"My very own Cellphone? Cool!"~

~Scissors just wern't "cutting" it close enough with 
Mom, so we asked if she could use clippers~

~See Mom, I'm not scared. I'm a big boy!~

~Do you mind! I'm trying to play here!~

~All done, and now he looks like a little boy.~

~"Look Mom! I'm a real boy!"~

I love you son! You will always be Momma's sweet baby boy!

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Anali V. said...

This is so cute! Awe time flashes by, you are such a good example of what joy it is to wait it out and do things RIGHT!

and a big AWE to the emotional mommy part ;)

Jennifer Connell said...

How adorable! He is getting so big! Time really flies. He looks like a little man with his new haircut.

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