Monday, August 29, 2011

Bryan & Kaleo-What true love looks like!

A few weeks back we had the honor of attending the wedding of Bryan and Kaleo. These two have been sweethearts since I can't remember, yes really that long. Anyways, I have watched them grow up and become God fearing young adults. For those looking to get married in the future, take note. These two did it right! They are what true love and waiting is all about. Congratulations on your union. I (we) can't even express how happy I (we) are for you two. 

As with all weddings there is always wedding cake. So when Sis. Kaleo asked me to make her wedding cake, I was honored to say the least. It's not like they can redo their wedding over next year (like a birthday). Overall, I felt very confident in making the cake, but it's still nerve wracking. I hope I didn't let you down. Here is the final product. Enjoy! 

The two bottom tiers are dummy cakes, and top tier was a lemon cake with raspberry filling.

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