Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh to be a kid again...

To be care free, and worry free! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Well, next week, Joel, Bryan, Siena, and I can pretend that we are!

Can you guess where we are going?
Yep! That's right!!!!


Three fun-filled days to be worry and care free! We leave early Thursday morning, and come back late Monday. Our trip entails (no pun intended there), ARGHHHH!, a Pirate's Dinner, Magic Mountain, dinner at the Santa Monica Pier, a Gopsel Sunday Brunch, and we even get to see our long lost buddies, "The Mouses" (The Mickey Mouses' that is). As the time get closer, I keep clapping my hands and getting the giggly laugh. You know the one? When your anticipating something good to happen!

Like on Christmas morning and all the presents are out under the tree, (and even the night before when you couldn't sleep because you wanted to open up your gifts right now and see what you got), and you jumping on Mom and Dad's bed saying "MOM! DAD! Come on, GET UP!!! COME OOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!! It's Christmas morning! Let's open the preeeeeesssseeeeeeennnnnntsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's exactly how I feel!!! I can't wait to walk through the doors of DISNEYLAND and be all giggly like a care free kid!


Monica Hassas said...

I hope you guys had a wonderful time! Are you going to post some pics from your trip?

I can't hardly wait until we go again. Disneyland is so much fun!

Joel & Angela said...

Yes it was soo much fun, and yes I will posting pictures once I get them uploaded to the right website.

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