Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a day to honor all our countrymen who serve and have honor those who have fallen, and gave their life for my freedom.

So today, I thank you for your service.

Special thanks goes out to some of the following people:

My Dad: Alex Victor (United States Army, 1978-79)
My father-in law: Daniel Willoughby (United States Army, Vietnam, 1969-70)
My brother: Matt Wilkins (United States Marine, 2009-2010)
Cousin: Nicholas Grado (United States Army)
Cousin: Oscar Grado (United States Army)
Friend of the family: Archie Scott (United States Army, WWII, Beaches of Normandy)
Friend of the family: Michael States (United States Marines)
Friend of the family: Valerie Richardson (United States Army,Desert Storm)
Friend of the family: Omar Carroll (United States Coast Guard)
Friend of the family: Shyra Caroll (United States Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Friend of the family: John Briones (United States Air Force)

Thank you again for your service. Because of you, I am free!

*Apologies if I have missed someone.


sabrina said...

hey Angela i just read your blog its great. but you forgot to mention our two cousins Nick and Oscar for your soldiers in the military post. i am so glad that Nick is back in the states with his family. i was worried about him while he was over there. i just wish this war was over already. oh ya i loved the baby booties they are so cute i have twin nephews I'll take two pair please. i think you can sell them their cute. anyways better go i get to clean out my closet today what fun lol. love ya hope to see you soon. love always, sabrina

Joel and Angela said...

Thanks Sabrina, I knew I was forgetting someone. I added them.
How old are your nephews? I want to make sure that they will be big enough to fit their cute little feet.

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